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Out buildings at times go without maintenance and are neglected. Even if not repaired they could be an expensive cost to remove. So inspecting them will save you substantial money in the long run.

Irrigations systems are very important in Florida. Without them, maintaining nice lawns and gardens is next to impossible. Unfortunately, automated systems can be very complex and difficult to repair.  

Decks vary in size and shape. Some have been built by DIYers or home owners, some by professionals. I find both with structural deficiencies not to mention code violations. The higher the deck the more  structural integrity is required.

Home inspections are generally focused on the home. Pools, out buildings, fences, walls and items not connected to the home are inspectable, but not normally included in a basic home inspection. Call or email for an estimate on these additional services. 

Fences and walls bring to home a beautiful cosmetic surrounding. Depending on the material used they can be costly to repair.

I encourage you to have these inspected. Older pools and equipment could very well be a problem for you later on. Have them properly examined, whether by a pool company or me. 

Other Inspection Services Offered

Fences / Walls
Pool / Jacuzzi
Irrigation Systems
Non Attached
Buildings, sheds

Connecting your utilities: We partner with My Utilities. They research and present all the different providers of electricity, water, gas, internet, TV, and security available at your home/apt and connect you with them for free.  They save you a ton of time and money by being a one-stop shop for all your utility needs. Click The box  above and they will be happy to help you out, or call  214.420.0866. At No Cost To You.

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