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Roofs are the most vital aspect of a home. The material used, the condition and the life remaining for the roof is of upmost importance to bankers and insurance companies. Diligent inspections are imperative.  

In Florida, air conditioning is of great importance and is costly to replace. It may work during your walk through, but how long will it run afterwards? Knowing the life remaining on these units will save you tons of money later.

Although appliances are often times not a deciding factor when buying a home, it's still important that they're running properly and will last until you're ready to replace them.

Too many times, homes are purchased without checking the electrical service properly. Is it up to date and adequate to supply your needs? Is it wired and fused correctly? Are GFI's working and installed properly.

Land & Site

My name is Vincent and I'm here to help you make a well informed decision when purchasing a home. As an independent home and building inspector, I work for you and have no agenda other than giving you my undivided attention, as well as providing the most comprehensive inspection available. Armed with this thorough knowledge, you can be confident of making the right choices as a smart home owner.

Both you and the owner can be assured that your personal information is strictly confidential and protected. No information is shared or sold.

Critical elements of the home that are used often on a daily basis. Each should be in good working order and safely installed. Drainage and water supply is very important and must be working correctly.

The one room used more than any other. Everything should be in working order, from the refrigerator to the cabinet doors. Attention to detail today can save you lots of money tomrrow.

The components that make up the frame work of the home. Trusses, beams, walls, foundation, Joists, rafters,ceilings, to name just of few. Very important to inspect for deterioration or defective fastners, water damage and unsafe conditions.

An area that is not usually considered when buying a home. Vegitation to close to a house could restrict water from being directed away from the walls of the home. This causes saturation and water intrusion. Elevation and slope is also important when choosing a home.

Important considerations during a professional inspection: 

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